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Sabrent Rocket Q NVMe 2TB NVMe PCIe Gen3.0 x4 M.2 SSD Review

Sabrent Rocket Q NVMe 2TB NVMe PCIe Gen3.0 x4 M.2 SSD Review

With class-leading sequential performance, Sabrent's Rocket Q QLC SSD has a lot to offer. Here's our full review.

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AOC take a leap into peripheral gaming market with keyboards and mice

By Jak Connor | Peripherals | Feb 21, 2020 03:48 am CST

It's always interesting when a company that makes one specific product decides to jump into a new market and manufacture something different. AOC is the company we are looking at today, as they will be diving headfirst into the peripheral market.


Kitguru was invited to check out AOC's latest monitors at an even held in London. Throughout the exhibition, they found a bunch of AOC keyboards and mice. AOC is originally a monitor manufacturer, but they will now be stepping into keyboards and mice. Firstly, we have the AGON GK500. This keyboard sports a detachable plastic wrist rest, RGB lighting, Outemu switches and comes it at the cost of $75 USD.

Moving onto the more higher-end keyboard, the AGON AGK700. This keyboard is much more expensive than the GK500 as it comes with Cheery MX Blue switches (Cherry MX Red coming soon), dedicated macro buttons, a plush leatherette wrist rest, and a dial at the top of the board. Both keyboards support AOC's new G-Tools software for customization purposes. The AGK700 comes it at a price of $161 USD.

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Dr Disrespect signs book deal for comedic in-character 'memoir'

By Jak Connor | Gaming | Feb 21, 2020 03:12 am CST

Guy "Dr Disrespect" Beahm is expanding into other areas outside of his domination in the streaming game. Now, reports are coming out about the doc signing a deal for a comedic "memoir" to be published.


According to an exclusive report by Hollywood Reporter, the doc has signed a new deal with Gallery Books for a comedic "memoir" titled "Violence. Speed. Momentum. A Memoir by Dr Disrespect". The new book will feature "never-before-told-stories" of the docs incredibly popular character, and "what it's like being the greatest gamer in the history of the universe, and possibly the best overall human being."

Right now, the doc has amassed one of the biggest live streaming followings on the internet, with more than 4 million followers and regular-stream viewers of 20,000+ people, there's no wonder that he wants to branch out into new fields. Back in early December, it was announced that the doc would also be getting a TV show revealing how the doctor became the doctor, more on that story here.

Facebook pull out of GDC 2020 over coronavirus public health risk

By Jak Connor | Trade Shows | Feb 21, 2020 02:34 am CST

The Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2019 is just around the corner, and with fears over the coronavirus (now re-named to COVID-19) fans were wondering if GDC was going ahead.


Facebook has recently taken its blog to announce an important update in regards to their presence at GDC 2020. According to the post, due to the now rampant fears of the COVID-19 virus, "Facebook's AR/VR and Gaming teams will not be attending GDC this year." Not only is Facebook not making an appearance at GDC this year, but they are also advising all employees to refrain from travel during the show.

Instead of going to GDC 2019, Facebook has said that they plan on hosting their own partner meetings remotely in the coming weeks. To make up for their in-person announces, Facebook will be posting videos on the "Facebook Gaming developer website". This isn't the first trade show to feel the hit of companies pulling out over fears of COVID-19, the entire Mobile World Conference was cancelled, more on that here.

Windows 10 is finally getting a colorful well-deserved icon makeover

By Jak Connor | Operating Systems | Feb 21, 2020 02:07 am CST

Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 icons will be getting a fresh coat of paint in the coming months ahead. Prepare for your Windows 10 icons to be updated!


Windows has taken to its blog to announced that Windows 10 icons will be evolved into some newer and fresh. Microsoft will begin the re-design with some built-in apps like Alarms & Clock, Calculator, Mail, and Calendar. The effort behind this re-design is to bring a new level of consistency and connection across all of Windows' icons.

The first apps that will get the fresh coat of paint will be Calendar and Mail. The updates for them have already rolled out to Windows Insiders, as updates from the Microsoft Store. Windows 10 users can expect the rest of the icon updates to follow over the course of a few months. If you are interested in checking out more information for what Microsoft has planned for Windows 10, check out this link here.

PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console price slashed by $100, now below $300

By Jak Connor | Gaming Consoles | Feb 21, 2020 01:37 am CST

If you can't wait for the next-gen consoles and want to get your hands-on a sweet deal real soon, then Amazon has your back.


Right now, Amazon is running a deal for the most powerful PlayStation console, the PlayStation 4 Pro. At the moment, Amazon is selling the console for $299.98, which is 25% off of its original price of $399.99. If you can't do that math, it means Amazon is discounting the PS4 Pro by $100.01.

Now, if you don't want the full-size PS4 Pro, and would prefer picking up the slim version, Amazon has that discounted as well. The slim PS4 Pro was priced at $299.99 but is now going for $251.95. Amazon has slashed the slim price by 16%, equating to a $48.04 discount. If you want to check out more deals on the PS4 Pro, follow this link here.

Red Dead Redemption 2 publisher wages war against 'Hot Coffee' modder

By Jak Connor | Gaming | Feb 21, 2020 01:07 am CST

Modders love adding controversial aspects to the game just to see how far they can push the boundaries. Unfortunately, the games publishers don't really like that, and this is the case for the "Hot Coffee" mod.


Modders added the "Hot Coffee" mod to Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, which added a mini-game that allowed players to engage in animated sexual intercourse. These same modders decided to give Red Dead Redemption 2 the same treatment, enabling players to download and install the mod to have some "fun" in selected in-game locations.

Now, Take-Two Interactive, the publisher for Red Dead Redemption 2, is asking for the modders to take down the mod as it violates the games End User Licence Agreement and Code of Conduct. In response to this request, the modders said that the mod does not contain any nudity or nude models and only uses assets that are already present in the game's files. The full story can be read here.

Western-style fast-food diet linked to brain and memory impairment

By Jak Connor | Science, Space & Robotics | Feb 21, 2020 12:32 am CST

A study has shined a new light on how traditional Western-style fast-food diets can lead to memory and brain deficiencies.


The new study was published in the Royal Society Open Science and has examined the effects of high-fat, high-sugar, and processed foods and how they affect cognitive ability. Researchers took 110 participants aged 20-33, who were generally healthy and split them into two groups. The first ate their normal healthy diets for a week, and the other was assigned a calorie-heavy Western-style diet filled with fast-foods.

At the start and end of the week, both groups were asked to rate how much they like sugary foods while eating breakfast. The participants were also asked to rate how much they wanted to continue eating them and were also given a memory test. Richard Stevenson, study co-author and psychology professor Macquarie University in Sydney, found that "After a week on a Western-style diet, palatable food such as snacks and chocolate becomes more desirable when you are full. This will make it harder to resist, leading you to eat more, which in turn generates more damage to the hippocampus and a vicious cycle of overeating."

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iPad Pro with upgraded Pencil would 'poke' your finger to notify you

By Anthony Garreffa | Mobile Devices, Tablets & Phones | Feb 20, 2020 11:27 pm CST

Apple's new iPad Pro 2020 could feature a big improvement that would better align the new tablet against Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 range of smartphones -- as well as the recently-teased Galaxy Note 20 range of smartphones.


The big upgrade would come from the new Apple Pencil stylus for the new iPad Pro, where according to a patent discovered by AppleInsider, would pack haptic feedback, as well as the ability to detect how hard you're gripping the Pencil.

Not only that, but the upgraded Apple Pencil with its gripping detection would also usher in a new notification mode, where it would 'press' against your finger to 'poke' you. This is a cool touch, something I can definitely see being useful -- but seriously, how many people would need to have their Pencil 'poking' them to receive a notification. Weird flex Apple, but OK.

PUBG cross party play enabled for Xbox One and PS4 players

By Anthony Garreffa | Gaming | Feb 20, 2020 10:15 pm CST

In a world that is now dominated by the likes of Fortnite and Apex Legends, the grand daddy of battle royale in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds -- or PUBG, is still alive, and very much kicking.

The developers of PUBG have now announced cross party play functionality, which enables Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gamers to team up for a single party and play together. PC players are unfortunately left out of the loop for now, and can't play with their console friends in PUBG just yet.

PUBG's new cross party play feature is limited to the Public Test Server (PTS) right now, before the developer can iron out issues and insert it into the main game. PlayStation 4 gamers can find it in their "Purchased" section of their Library, while Xbox One gamers will discover it in their "My Games and Apps" menu, or the Microsoft Store.

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 adds Deadpool into the mix

By Anthony Garreffa | Gaming | Feb 20, 2020 09:47 pm CST

Epic Games has just unleashed Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 2, introducing a slick new style into the game that feels so much like The Incredibles in its new trailer. Check it out:

The new season of Fortnite has a huge infusion of spies, where gamers will be able to choose a side: Ghost or Shadow, and then complete missions to "earn a battle pass variant" for each of the new characters. There are a bunch of new covert operatives for you to play in Fortnite, something that includes a human-cat hybrid called Meowscles, and a customizable Maya skin that can be morphed to look like any other player in the game.

If you finish the Challenge Table missions and other in-game requirements, Epic says that you'll get 1500 V-Bucks. Not only that, but Deadpool is featured in Fortnite's new chapter, with Epic adding that Deadpool is featured as the "secret" Battle Pass skin, and he will have his own unique set of challenges, too.

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