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ASRock X370 Gaming-ITX/ac Gaming (AMD X370) Motherboard

ASRock X370 Gaming-ITX/ac Gaming (AMD X370) Motherboard

ASRock X370 Gaming-ITX/ac Gaming goes under the review microscope.

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God of War director confirms no season pass for the release

By: Jak Connor | More News: Gaming | Posted: 20 mins ago

As we wait patiently for the release of the new God of War, Cory Barlog, the director at Sony Santa Monica Studios has taken to Twitter to announce that the game will not be featuring a season pass of any kind.




Just last week we saw what the God of War Collectors Edition would provide fans and now to keep the hype moving forward we have now learned that the game will have "No season pass" according to Cory Barlog.


This doesn't mean that the game will not have a DLC as this could still be a possibility for the PS4 exclusive. Single-player game fans can now rest at ease knowing that their "wide linear" single-player game will not harbor the modernized money making traits that most AAA title games do these days.


Trailer for Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition released

By: Jak Connor | More News: Gaming | Posted: 1 hour, 46 mins ago

A trailer for Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition has been released showcasing the upcoming Nintendo Switch release.



Originally the game was a 2014 release on the Wii U, the Definitive Edition contains the full game from the Wii U and all expansions, including Yuga and Ravio from A Link Between Worlds.


Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition for the Nintendo Switch will feature two player local multiplayer which can be accomplished by giving each player a Joy-Con controller. The Definitive Edition will release sometime this Spring, as there is no official confirmation date for release.

COLORFUL's new CGU 2018 eSports event might include PUBG

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Gaming | Posted: 2 hours, 30 mins ago

COLORFUL has quickly become one of the best AIB partners making GeForce graphics cards, with the Chinese giant now expanding into the eSports market with their new COLORFUL Games Union (or CGU). This isn't their first CGU, but COLORFUL has bigger and better plans for its eSports event, something it's now detailing.




COLORFUL plans to develop CGU into a "global event to further highlight the company's position as a dedicated gaming company that delivers products and experiences targeted for gamers".


The company explains that "eSports becoming more and more ingrained in Chinese culture, COLORFUL decided to unite the figures that make eSports exciting: the teams, casters, celebrities, products and other IPs form together to bring COLORFUL Games Union which debuted in 2013. This event saw the birth of the now famous professional team Snake and COLORFUL intends to become key a partner in seeking and establishing budding teams and talents and bring them into the global spotlight".

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Cygames shows off Granblue Fantasy's combat in all its glory

By: Jak Connor | More News: Gaming | Posted: 3 hours, 4 mins ago

Cygames, the publisher for Granblue Fantasy, have released a video showcasing the work that Platinum Games has put into their upcoming action RPG.



Cygames has released a video onto their YouTube channel showing the very interesting and beautiful art style that they have chosen for Granblue Fantasy Project Re:Link.


Not only do we see the colors that are used throughout the main character walking around the village but also we get a full scale Platinum Games developed battle scene. According to the videos description we get to witness "a battle sequence in which the characters Katalina, Io, Percival and Rackam each make use of electrifying special abilities culminating in a Chain Burst attack."

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NVIDIA wants retailers to sell to gamers, not crypto miners

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Video Cards | Posted: 10 hours, 31 mins ago

A few days ago we broke the story about virtually all graphics cards at insanely high prices, with the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti selling for $1600 and even the Radeon RX Vega 64 selling for a huge $2100.




But now German site is reporting that NVIDIA isn't happy (about selling out of their graphics cards completely) and that they are targeting gamers, and not miners with their GeForce graphics cards.


NVIDIA said: "For NVIDIA, gamers come first. All activities related to our GeForce product line are targeted at our main audience. To ensure that GeForce gamers continue to have good GeForce graphics card availability in the current situation, we recommend that our trading partners make the appropriate arrangements to meet gamers' needs as usual".

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SK Hynix announces GDDR6, offers up to 14Gbps of bandwidth

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Video Cards | Posted: 1 day, 21 hours ago

Samsung was the first to unveil their new 16Gb GDDR6 chips that offer up to a blistering 18Gbps of bandwidth, with SK Hynix joining the fray with its announcement of 8Gbps GDDR6.




SK Hynix will differ from Samsung's upcoming GDDR6 with only up to 14Gbps of bandwidth, compared to the maximum 18Gbps on offer from Samsung. Still, 14Gbps offers up to a huge 768GB/sec of memory bandwidth given a 384-bit memory bus, which sounds suspiciously like what we'd find on a next-gen TITAN X from NVIDIA.

Nintendo shows off most downloaded eShop games

By: Jak Connor | More News: Business, Financial & Legal | Posted: 2 days, 20 hours ago

Nintendo has revealed a complete list of the most downloaded games from the eShop in both Japan and the rest of the world, showing off the advantages of allowing third-parties to use your platform.




Taking the place for most downloaded game in Japan is Minecraft, this shows just how big the game became again once it was released onto the Nintendo Switch. In other regions Stardew Valley has taken first place in the most downloads topping Minecraft, Sonic Mania and Rocket League.

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Battlefield 1: Apocalypse DLC details aerial dogfights

By: Jak Connor | More News: Gaming | Posted: 2 days, 22 hours ago

DICE and EA have come forward and shared news about their upcoming DLC for Battlefield 1, "Apocalypse." The DLC is going to be adding a range of new maps, guns and concentrates on aerial dogfights.




The new expansion is due to arrive next month, with the developer detailing the DLC with a new mode called Air Assault. The mode will feature aerial dogfights but sadly will only be available to play on two maps, "On London Calling and Razor's Edge."


DICE have not forgotten the ground troops either though, as the DLC is also bringing a new range of anti-aircraft weapons to the game. The DLC patch notes mentions the adding of the "the Assault Class's AA Rocket Gun" which "arms infantry soldiers with a way to assist airborne team mates and deliver serious damage to enemy aircrafts."


Players that want to get their hands-on the Apocalypse DLC will have to have a Premium Pass as this DLC is not free.

Nintendo Switch sells 1.5 million units last month

By: Jak Connor | More News: Business, Financial & Legal | Posted: 3 days ago

According to the analyst group NPD group, Nintendo sold 1.5 million Nintendo Switch consoles in just the last month of 2017, topping every other console sales in the US once again.




At the beginning of last month Nintendo said that the Switch was the fastest-selling console in US history, selling around 4.8 million units since its release back in March on 2017.


Not only has the Switch sales been off the charts, but the Nintendo 3DS has also been reported to be selling extremely well coming in with 750,000 units being sold just last month. Nintendo has said that the 3DS has sold a "27 percent increase over the same period a year ago."

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Epic Games doubts the success of their own MOBA Paragon

By: Jak Connor | More News: Gaming | Posted: 3 days, 1 hour ago

Epic Games community coordinator, Edgar Diaz has taken to the sub-reddit of their MOBA, Paragon, announcing that the company has doubts towards the path they have laid out for the aspiring success of the game.




The sub-reddit post details that the company has been trying to push the MOBA out into the mainstream view but has failed with updates since its release to early access back in March last year.


The post continues to elaborate why the playerbase is not growing, saying "of new players who try Paragon, only a small number continue to play regularly after a month. Though Paragon has evolved, no iteration has yet achieved that magical combination of ingredients that make for a sustainable game."

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